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    Quantum Performance is a high performance coaching firm, specializing in mental training of athletes, both youth and elite-level alike.

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    Kate Allgood M.Sc

    • Formerly recognized as one of Canada's top female athletes
    • Uniquely qualified within the field of sport and performance psychology
    • Has spent over 6 years formally studying psychology collecting 3 degrees
    • Specializes in the ability to predict athletic performance under pressure
    • 10 month intensive internship studying neuromuscular rehabilitation and the impact stress has on the body
    • Certified in Sports Hypnosis and TAIS psychological assessment

    The unique combination of personal experience as a top athlete, the ups and downs that go along with being the best, and education puts Kate at the forefront of helping athletes maximize their potential, overcome obstacles, and develop themselves as more than just an athlete.

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    Who We Serve

    Youth, High School, College, Professional and Olympic athletes, Yoga goers, weekend warriors, dance companies, cheerleading gyms, high performance training facilities.

    How We Help

    Increase confidence, performance anxiety, life skills, life after sports, recovery from injuries, maximizing potential, controlling emotions, focus, adaptability, performance routines, cognitive sports training, imagery.

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Kate helped me improve my mental game well above where it was. She helped me to believe in myself, and in wrestling that is half the battle. I was able to win many matches that I wouldn’t have just because I stayed calm and was confident. I would recommend her to any athlete wanting to improve and be the best.High school Wrestler
I was struggling with my golf game, not only physically but mentally as well.  I decided to go see Kate about six months ago to see if she could help with the state of mind I was in with my game.  After the first time I saw her I felt extremely relaxed and I even felt happier.  She helped me clear out the negative and distracting thoughts and helped me replace them with positive reinforcing thoughts.  Kate has clearly helped me elevate my game to a new level, and I have never felt this mentally strong on a golf course before.Reid D (High School Golfer)
I have worked with Kate on several races now, and intend to continue working with her for sports performance as well as personal growth enhancement. The power of the mind is incredible, and to have found a talented practitioner, who knows how to help people tap into their own inner power and strength beyond conscious effort, is golden.”Wendee P (Triathlete)


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The importance of shifting gears in sports

The importance of shifting gears in sports

The importance of shifting gears in sports means learning to go from an athlete mindset to your everyday mindset. I had two conversations this week about this topic. One was with an NFL player, who is about to head into training camp. Camp starts next week and usually what he has done in the past is spend every second possible at home before heading to camp. This year he has the ability to drive to where he will be playing the season, and he made the choice to drive and leave home a bit earlier than he would if he was going to fly, because it gives him time to shift gears. To mentally get ready for training camp and the season. He will have a couple days to leave the summer behind and get ready for football mode. The other conversation I had centered around an individual in the military who when he comes home from deployment spends some time in an apartment he owns with his wife, separate...

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Control your emotions = control of your performance

Control your emotions = control of your performance

You must learn to control your emotions, because if you do you set yourself up to have more control over your performance. I am not just talking about anger or frustration, I am also talking about excitement and adrenaline. The other day I was watching a documentary on the 2015 CrossFit games. This film shows the behind the scenes aspects of the events, the athletes talking about their feelings and experience in the middle of the games and in retrospect. It goes through each of the events this way, so you get a pretty good idea of what the athletes are thinking and feeling as the games progress. There is one event called Murph where the athletes do a 1 mile run, 100 pullups, 200 pushups, 300 squats and another 1 mile run all while wearing a weighted vest. This is in California in July by the way, so scotching heat, some of them wearing black weighted vests. At the 2015 games, this event crushed pretty much all the...

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High performance and failure go hand in hand

High performance and failure go hand in hand

High performance and failure go hand and hand, and often we want one without the other. However, in order to perform at a high level often we have to go through the most heartbreaking of failures, to build the skills and mental fortitude we need to reach the level we believe we can go. Sometimes this takes us into a different arena, while other times we can apply it to our current situation. I recently had a client go through one of the most heart wrenching failures, it might not even be considered a failure, but he was going after a dream, something that tests an individual both mentally and physically to a degree that only a small percentage of people have ever experienced. Many factors combined to stop him from making it to the finish, ultimately being forced out of something he really wanted to do. Being told you are not made for something you believe you would be good at and want to do, is not easy,...

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