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    Quantum Performance is a high performance coaching firm, specializing in mental training of athletes, both youth and elite-level alike.

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    Kate Allgood M.Sc

    • Formerly recognized as one of Canada's top female athletes
    • Uniquely qualified within the field of sport and performance psychology
    • Has spent over 6 years formally studying psychology collecting 3 degrees
    • Specializes in the ability to predict athletic performance under pressure
    • 10 month intensive internship studying neuromuscular rehabilitation and the impact stress has on the body
    • Certified in Sports Hypnosis and TAIS psychological assessment

    The unique combination of personal experience as a top athlete, the ups and downs that go along with being the best, and education puts Kate at the forefront of helping athletes maximize their potential, overcome obstacles, and develop themselves as more than just an athlete.

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    Who We Serve

    Youth, High School, College, Professional and Olympic athletes, Yoga goers, weekend warriors, dance companies, cheerleading gyms, high performance training facilities.

    How We Help

    Increase confidence, performance anxiety, life skills, life after sports, recovery from injuries, maximizing potential, controlling emotions, focus, adaptability, performance routines, cognitive sports training, imagery.

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Identifying the drivers and limiters of an individuals own performance

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Kate helped me improve my mental game well above where it was. She helped me to believe in myself, and in wrestling that is half the battle. I was able to win many matches that I wouldn’t have just because I stayed calm and was confident. I would recommend her to any athlete wanting to improve and be the best.High school Wrestler
I was struggling with my golf game, not only physically but mentally as well.  I decided to go see Kate about six months ago to see if she could help with the state of mind I was in with my game.  After the first time I saw her I felt extremely relaxed and I even felt happier.  She helped me clear out the negative and distracting thoughts and helped me replace them with positive reinforcing thoughts.  Kate has clearly helped me elevate my game to a new level, and I have never felt this mentally strong on a golf course before.Reid D (High School Golfer)
I have worked with Kate on several races now, and intend to continue working with her for sports performance as well as personal growth enhancement. The power of the mind is incredible, and to have found a talented practitioner, who knows how to help people tap into their own inner power and strength beyond conscious effort, is golden.”Wendee P (Triathlete)


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How do professional athletes perform at their best?

How do professional athletes perform at their best?

Sport Psychology and Professional Athletes Have you ever wondered how the best athletes consistently perform at their best? While their physical talent and skills have gotten them far and allow them to compete at the highest level, once they are there it now becomes more about their mental game. Sport psychology and the ability for a professional athlete to utilize techniques and skills within sport psychology are what allow them to stay at the top by performing consistently under pressure. At any given time an athlete will be under a lot of pressure, and some times it just becomes too much for the athlete to deal with themselves. This is where a sport psychology professional can come into play. The mental side to sports encompass skills just like the physical. With practice and guidance an athlete can learn to utilize their mind and create a mental edge over their competition. The best in the world utilize and understand the importance of the mental side to their performance. The younger...

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Ignite the fire within

Ignite the fire within

Ignite the fire within is about the role coaches play. Whatever type of coach(s) you are working with, their job is not to just give you information, their job is to help ignite the fire within you. So that you begin to take a strong interest in your own development. The most successful people have chosen to develop themselves, and have found what they need to ignite the fire within them to motivate them to do what is necessary to get to where they want to go. If you are waiting for someone to give you the answer or to look to them to be the one that will get you to where you want to go, you are looking in the wrong place. Coaches are there to help guide, direct and give tools to those they work with. It is not their job to give all the answers or to do it for the person they are working with. That is the role of a consultant, and sometimes...

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Pressure is a privilege

Pressure is a privilege

Pressure can be overwhelming sometimes and today I want to talk about how pressure is a privilege and with changing your perspective to see it this way you can take a step towards embracing pressure and no longer feeling the strain or stress often associated with it. I work with a lot of clients who are under an immense amount of pressure. Whether that is from their sport, school, a combination, work, family, or balancing everything. A lot of the time this becomes too much for them to deal with on the journey to becoming great at something and becomes too much to handle. First, it is important to understand that pressure is needed to a degree, without pressure we would not reach our highest potential. We need it to push ourselves, and to get into the right mind frame to succeed. Too little pressure can have the same impact on our level of performance. The idea is not to get rid of pressure but to find a way...

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