Mental training: Make a plan to get ahead

One key to mental training is being well prepared Mental training is growing more and more popular with athletes. Athletes of all ages and skill sets understand that sports and more than just physical and actually mostly mental. However, few spend time on the mental...

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The Power of Positive Rituals in Sport Psychology

Sport psychology works to help individuals to develop a way of doing things (positive rituals) that aligns with their goals so they can perform at a high level. Everyone knows that athletes can be superstitious, and while superstitions and rituals can at times look...

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Mental Training for Mental Hurdles

Mental training is one of the most significant things an athlete can do to reach their optimal level of performance. However, many athletes will not follow through with the work that needs to be done. They will dabble in it for a bit and then give up, when things get...

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Sports Performance and Motivation

The importance of motivation within your sports performance Sports performance and motivation are highly correlated to one another. In order for an athlete to perform up to their potential and do the necessary work day in and day out, they must find ample motivation...

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Success in sports is the sum of small efforts

Success in sports is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out over an extended period of time. Success is something we feel when we accomplish something of significance, what many people don't understand is that success is the accumulation of small...

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