Vision and Sports Performance

How do we use our vision in sports? Vision and sports performance is about understanding how vision helps with better decision making and how to train it. To understand how we use our vision in sports first we need to understand how we receive visual information....

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Introduction to cognitive sports training

What is Cognitive Sports Training? Cognitive sports training is the next frontier for athletes. Over the years different aspects of training an athlete and making them great and being able to perform at their best has grown. First came the physical training. There was...

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How to have a good start to your game

Getting off to a good start to your game It is very important to have a good start to your game. Most athletes understand this. However, many athletes can be left frustrated with inconsistent starts to their game not knowing what they need to do differently in order...

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How to work with a sport psychologist

The process for working with Quantum Performance Often people wonder how they can work with a sport psychologist. In this weeks blog I wanted to take the time to go over what it looks like to start the process for potentially working with me. I am the founder and...

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The #1 Reason Why People Give Up

The #1 reason why people give up is due to what they are focused on. Most people focus on how far they still have to go to reach their goal, and by continually looking at how far they have to go they get deterred because it can seem like it is still a long ways away,...

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Your Sports Performance and Finding Your Edge

Every athlete is looking to...
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Creating a Positive Perspective

The importance of not letting...
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How to rise to the occasion in your sport performance

How to be your best when you need...
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