Playing to your Strengths

In this post I want to talk about the idea of playing to your strengths. Think about playing cards for a moment, when you are dealt a hand of cards you have your high cards and your low cards. And if you are playing to win, as most people are you rely on your high...

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Staying motivated when times are tough

Staying motivated when times are tough is not always easy, usually it is down right difficult. Even those people who seem to always be motivated and moving forward have down times, times when they just don't feel like they can keep going. What separates those people...

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3 Keys to Trigger a Flow State

Flow State: How to achieve peak performance If you are looking to reach peak levels within your performance you have come to the right place. This is blog we are going to talk about 3 internal triggers of a flow state. Flow is something that is also called "the zone"...

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Pre Performance Routine for your Sport

One of the first things I work on with any client is developing a pre performance routine, as it helps them to both physically and mentally prepare for their competition. Many athletes will have no idea what they do before their competition, which can lead to...

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Excellence Versus Success in Sports

This week I want to talk about excellence versus success in sports. I often ask my clients to talk about their goals and what it means to them to be successful at something. Usually the answers focus on results. They will be successful once they reach a certain number...

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Use Stress to Improve your Performance

Athletes deal with stress both on and off the field of competition each and everyday. Stress itself is not good nor bad, it is all in how you perceive it and shift what you are focusing on. One of the main emotions that often comes with stress is nervousness. Before a...

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Mindset of High Performers

There is a certain mindset of high performers that sets them apart from others. Dr. Carol Dweck discovered that there are two different types of mindsets of performance in athletics or otherwise. The two types of mindsets are fixed and growth. An individual with a...

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How to Develop Laser Like Focus

Develop Laser Like Focus: A key to getting into the zone Focus is such an important part of being able to perform to your highest level. You can have all the technical, tactical or physical skill sets down but if you are not focused on the right thing at the right...

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