How high do you bounce after falling?

How high do you bounce after falling? As humans we all make mistakes, we all fail at some point. Learning to bounce back from failing or making mistakes is a skill that can be developed. It has been shown that those who go through the greatest struggles at a young age...

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Learn to grow into the athlete you want to become

Learning to grow into the athlete we want to become is about changing who we are so we can get to and handle what the next level will demand. Every athlete has aspirations for the level they would like to play at. Whether that is getting to a higher club level or...

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Playing to your Strengths

In this post I want to talk about the idea of playing to your strengths. Think about playing cards for a moment, when you are dealt a hand of cards you have your high cards and your low cards. And if you are playing to win, as most people are you rely on your high...

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Staying motivated when times are tough

Staying motivated when times are tough is not always easy, usually it is down right difficult. Even those people who seem to always be motivated and moving forward have down times, times when they just don't feel like they can keep going. What separates those people...

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3 Keys to Trigger a Flow State

Flow State: How to achieve peak performance If you are looking to reach peak levels within your performance you have come to the right place. This is blog we are going to talk about 3 internal triggers of a flow state. Flow is something that is also called "the zone"...

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Pre Performance Routine for your Sport

One of the first things I work on with any client is developing a pre performance routine, as it helps them to both physically and mentally prepare for their competition. Many athletes will have no idea what they do before their competition, which can lead to...

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