Your Sports Performance and Finding Your Edge

Every athlete is looking to improve their sports performance, to find an edge that will give them the leg up on their competition. There are many different ways an athlete will approach this, whether it is physical or through mental coaching, athletes always try to...

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Creating a Positive Perspective

The importance of not letting things cloud your perspective We are in the beginning of summer, for some this is your off season a time to prepare yourself for the next year, for others this time of year is right in the middle of your season. No matter where you find...

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Self Awareness and High Performance

Why Athletes Need to Develop Self Awareness In sports most of the time when awareness is being discussed it is in terms of situational awareness, but just as important to an athletes success and being able to have consistent high performance is self awareness. Knowing...

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Recognizing the Subtlety of Exercise Addiction

When Exercising Becomes Over Exercising Let’s face it, exercise can be weirdly competitive. Athletes know what we’re talking about. One minute there’s a six vs. six friendly basketball game, the next minute tempers are flaring over what started as a few people getting...

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Athletic Performance and Mindfulness

The importance of mindfulness for an athlete Athletic performance and mindfulness is a topic I wanted to talk about because it is an important aspect of an athletes ability to be the level of athlete they want to be. However, often times this is something that...

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