How to have a good start to your game

Getting off to a good start to your game It is very important to have a good start to your game. Most athletes understand this. However, many athletes can be left frustrated with inconsistent starts to their game not knowing what they need to do differently in order...

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How to work with a sport psychologist

The process for working with Quantum Performance Often people wonder how they can work with a sport psychologist. In this weeks blog I wanted to take the time to go over what it looks like to start the process for potentially working with me. I am the founder and...

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The #1 Reason Why People Give Up

The #1 reason why people give up is due to what they are focused on. Most people focus on how far they still have to go to reach their goal, and by continually looking at how far they have to go they get deterred because it can seem like it is still a long ways away,...

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How to stay at the top of your sport

Staying at the top of your sport It is difficult to get to the top, but it is even more difficult to get there and stay there. Today I want to talk about how to stay at the top of your sport once you have gotten there, because the hard work has just begun. When you...

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Excellence Versus Success in your Sport

Process versus Results Most clients that walk through my door have a high level of focus on results. This causes them a lot of stress, lack of confidence and frustration. Today I want to talk about focusing on the process versus results. One of the ways we do this is...

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Failure is all about your mindset

Failure is all about your mindset, there is a difference between failing and being a failure, and it all comes down to you and how you perceive things. Events and obstacles will occur along your path to your goals, there is no getting around this. Every person will...

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High performance and failure go hand in hand

High performance and failure go hand and hand, and often we want one without the other. However, in order to perform at a high level often we have to go through the most heartbreaking of failures, to build the skills and mental fortitude we need to reach the level we...

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Why Athletes Should Think Like a Master Sculptor

Athletes can improve their...
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Accept your role on a sports team to set yourself apart

Being a good teammate on a sports...
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Athletic Performance and Mindfulness

The importance of mindfulness for...
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