Sports performance requires having a great team

Who you surround yourself with impacts your sports performance Having a great team is not about the team you may play on. It is about the people you surround yourself. You probably have friends and family who are there to support you, help you succeed, cheer you up...

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Developing the mental skill of listening

Mental skill of active listening You might be wondering what listening has to do with being a good athlete and having a good mindset? Well, one of the reasons listening is important is because it is through communication that we learn how we can improve as a player...

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Focus on you to achieve peak performance

Peak Performance: The importance of focusing on yourself One of the biggest keys for anyone trying to reach a high level of performance is the mindset of focusing on themselves and not others. This is can be focusing on what others are doing, what others are thinking...

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Meditation and sports performance

How meditation improves sports performance Meditation has grown in popularity over recent years, especially in the area of sports. Many well known athletes and teams have used meditation to help them with their athletic performance. Anyone who has experienced...

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Super Bowl Mindset

Super Bowl Mindset: How to Develop a Champions Mental Game The super bowl was played this past Sunday, and for anyone who watched they saw one of the greatest comebacks of all time. It is in games like these where a true champion shines through. The ability to Tom...

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Attention in sports

Attentional Styles In Sports Over the last couple weeks I have been focusing on the topic of focus. First looking at the myths of focus and then at how to maintain focus over an extended period of time and a concept called deep practice. This week I am going to go...

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How Sleep improves sports performance

Sleep and sports performance As...
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How to become successful in sports by paying attention to details

Being successful in sports comes...
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How to motivate people: Creating consistent drive for high performance

What language to use to help with...
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