How Sleep improves sports performance

Sleep and sports performance As most athletes know sleep is very important for their performance and yet most athletes still don't get enough sleep. Sleep is the time when the battery is charged, so that you can go out there and perform or train at a high level day in...

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How best to support your child in sports

How parents can best support their children in Sports While I have covered this before, it has been a while and now have a video I did on how best to support your child in sports. Parents are always looking for how to support their child during their years playing...

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Power of sports imagery

A picture is worth a thousand words Sports imagery is one of the most powerful tools that I use while working with clients. Many people try and think their way through things, rather than creating a picture of what they want. Imagery is able to help clarify within...

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Mental Edge: Do more then is required

Get a mental edge by going above and beyond It is not always easy to know what you can do to stand apart from the crowd. In sports as any thing in life, success requires someone to stand apart. Many times people are doing only what is required of them and they wonder...

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Understanding Motivation

Mental Toughness and the Role Motivation Plays Motivation is about understanding the internal and external motivators that need to exist in order to keep ourselves focused, working hard and maintaining the commitment we need to get to where we want to go. Motivating...

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Sports and refocusing

Refocus and Mental Toughness While all mental skills have their challenges, refocusing is one that definitely stands out. I would say that the ability to refocus is the second most difficult skill for mental tough- ness second only to confidence. Confidence greatly...

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How to use perfectionism to improve athletic performance

Perfectionism and high...
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How to have a good start to your game

Getting off to a good start to...
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How to deal with the stress of college athletic recruitment

Dealing with the college athletic...
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