Athletic competence and confidence

Athletic competence and confidence are two areas that each athlete needs in order to be successful and they play off of each other. The more competent (i.e skills) an athlete feels the more confident they will also feel, and then the more confident an athlete feels...

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Sports Recovery

Sports recovery is one of the many areas I discuss with clients when working with them. Today young athletes are competing all year round with no real time for their body and mind to recover. The demands an athlete puts on their body is a lot and to counter that an...

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Sport specialization: Is it wise?

This week I wanted to talk about sport specialization, and how wise it is in youth sports. We are in an age where kids are playing one sport all year round and only that sport. A big reason for this is based on fear that if they don't they will not be kept on a team...

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What is Imagery?

Imagery is one of the most powerful tools that I use while working with clients. As the saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words. Many people try and think their way through things, rather than creating a picture of what they want. Imagery is able to help...

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What is Sport Psychology?

Sport psychology is about understanding the “mental game”, whether that game is athletic or otherwise, it is about human performance and building the necessary mental skills and techniques necessary to perform consistently and effectively regardless of the situation....

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Positive attitude and peak performance

Keeping a positive attitude is critical to achieving peak performance in your sport. Many athletes don't fully understand the impact their negative self-talk or their attitude and behavior has on their performance. When I was younger I had a very difficult time...

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Sleep and sports performance

How does sleep impact your sports performance? While working with athletes I am always telling them that the little things mean a lot. That it is not just one thing you will do that will make the difference but a combination of many smaller things. One of those...

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Mental Skills Coach: The power of you

As a mental skills coach my job is about helping clients to uncover what is already within themselves. To pull it out of them and help them to learn to trust their inner voice over the negative messages or pressure they receive on a daily basis. I just had a...

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Mental training and Awareness

In the process of mental training...