Responding to adversity

How do you respond to adversity? Do you try and numb yourself, run from the feelings or try and mask them. What are the thoughts you allow yourself to think when you are feeling down? Challenging times are apart of life, and how we respond to them is critical for our...

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Secrets to building confidence as an athlete

Factors that contribute to building confidence as an athlete Confidence is one of the most important mental skills. The reason for this is that it impacts all the rest. If you don't have the proper confidence it can impact focus by making you have more negative self...

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Mental training and Awareness

In the process of mental training there are a lot of factors that come into play for an athlete to be at their best. However, the number one factor that is important for any person to develop is self-awareness. One must have a certain level of awareness in order to be...

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Peak Performance and Confidence

Confidence and peak performance go hand in hand and directly impact each other. When we feel confident our ability to achieve peak performance increases, and when when we achieve peak performance our confidence increases. Often people are waiting to get the results...

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Tips to help build mental toughness

How to build mental toughness To build mental toughness takes a few different areas of sport psychology that when pulled together create the mindset one needs to have the mental toughness and fortitude to reach peak performance and excel consistently in their sport....

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Mental Skills Coach and Life after sports

How a mental skills coach can help with the transition to life after sports This week I want to talk about the side to a mental skills coach that is not often heard about or discussed. When talking about a mental skills coach we often talk about how they can help an...

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Sport Psychology and Concussions

Sport psychology plays a role in helping an athlete with the after effects of a concussion. Concussions are a hot topic in the world of sports right now, and not many understand that concussion go beyond the physical elements, and also include psychological...

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The secrets to getting into the zone

Top Keys to Getting Into the Zone Getting into the zone is an amazing feeling as an athlete. The ability to be so much in the flow that you are able to fully display your full potential. While there are no guarantees for getting into the zone, there are things that...

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