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Sport psychology plays a role in helping an athlete with the after effects of a concussion. Concussions are a hot topic in the world of sports right now, and not many understand that concussion go beyond the physical elements, and also include psychological components, that need to be dealt with. Any time an athlete is injured there are emotional and psychological factors that come into play, which can actually prolong the recovery process if not properly dealt with. Most people are focused on the physical aspects of an injury, and this is no different with concussions. The measurement of how well someone is doing and how far along their recovery is is based off of physical symptoms (headache, balance, sleep issues, etc) and neurocognitive status (processing speed, attention, memory, learning). Psychologically there is often fear, anxiety, a loss of self, and feeling “off”, sometimes depression and changes in behavior can result from the concussion. That is a lot of different variables that come into play during the recovery process, and knowing who to turn to for what is important. With any injury it is important to have a team of specialists for each area. Someone who specializes in sport psychology can help with dealing with the psychological factors associated with a concussion.

Concussions are one of the hardest injuries for an athlete to deal with, because it is considered an “invisible” injury. There are no crutches, bandages, stitches, when you look at an athlete who has a concussion they look “normal”, this can make the emotional and psychological aspects even harder because there is not much an athlete can actively do about it. Without proper help with the psychological components an already frustrating circumstance can become even more frustrating and prolonged.

Like any injury it is important to understand concussions and all of the parts that go into recovery from it. Here an article that will help with a greater understand of the psychological parts of concussions.

Article 1 

If you are dealing with a concussion and want some help to deal with the psychological elements please reach out and contact us.