This week I want to talk about excellence versus success in sports. I often ask my clients to talk about their goals and what it means to them to be successful at something. Usually the answers focus on results. They will be successful once they reach a certain number of goals, make a team, win a certain number or games or the championship. Usually their goals are also along the same lines, focused on the end result.  The results we see are usually how we define success, and because of this it can often make us feel unsuccessful because we didn’t get the exact results we were looking for.

This is why focusing on excellence instead of success is important. Excellence focuses more on the journey or the pursuit of the goals and end results. Excellence often leads to success but success does not necessarily mean one will achieve excellence. The fascinating thing is that most athletes are trying to achieve excellence, but are more concerned with success that they fail to do what is necessary to achieve excellence. When we focus on excellence we do the little things that over time add up and give us more of an opportunity to become successful, and not just once but consistently. Excellence also allows us to enjoy the small accomplishments we achieve along the way, which ultimately is the most important thing. Everything that we do is a stepping stone towards what we ultimately want, and if we focus on the stepping stones and enjoy the process, it makes it more likely we will end up at the destination we want.

So today figure out what you can do to become more excellent in your sport and do it, and enjoy what you are doing.