Peak Performance: The importance of focusing on yourself

One of the biggest keys for anyone trying to reach a high level of performance is the mindset of focusing on themselves and not others. This is can be focusing on what others are doing, what others are thinking of you or how you believe you impact others. Too often the chatter in our mind is about other people rather than on ourselves and what we are doing. When we focus on others we often focus on their strengths and compare them to our limitations. In doing so we sabotage our own confidence because we feel we don’t match up to them, rathe then looking at our own strengths and how we can use them to our advantage. Everyone has their strengths and limitations, so we can’t look at someone else and try and be them or have the same strengths they have. It is important to understand and know what we are good at and how that separates us and can allow us to achieve our goals and succeed.

In todays world this problem is probably worse then ever before because of technology. There are so many things at our disposal that allow us to compare ourselves to each other. Everyday we see peoples highlights reels and compare them to our bad moments or days. In doing so we don’t feel confident in what we bring to the table and maybe don’t push ourselves as hard, lack the motivation we need, or potentially give up. Strengths are what set us apart from each other. When you look at professional athletes what helped get them their besides their talent and hard work is their strengths. No two players are alike, and those that have utilized their strengths to set themselves apart and be a valuable asset are the ones who thrive and succeed at the highest level.

To reach peak performance start focusing on what you are good at, what you need to do to get to where you want to go, in essence focus on your own path and let the other people around you worry about themselves. Worrying about others doesn’t change anything they are doing, it only impacts you. Choose to impact yourself in a positive way so you can reach the highest level you can.