Getting off to a good start to your game

It is very important to have a good start to your game. Most athletes understand this. However, many athletes can be left frustrated with inconsistent starts to their game not knowing what they need to do differently in order to make their performance both good and consistent. How you start a game comes down to how you prepare for it. Many athletes I have worked with aren’t always aware of how behaviors and things they are doing prior to a game directly impacts their performance.

So first step is to gain awareness of the things you do that help your performance and the things you do that do not help your performance. I often hear from athletes when I ask them this question they say they did nothing different between a good game and a not so good game. when athletes tell me this one perhaps the bad game was one in between many good games, so they have a good pre game routine to get prepared or they are not aware enough of their behaviors. Majority of the time I find athletes are not aware of the things they are doing. And when they feel it is luck or by chance when they have a good or bad performance I know some works needs to be done around understanding the connection between behaviors and performance. Performance is impacted directly and indirectly by the things you do in and around your performance. Things you do days before a game can impact how you perform in the game, especially at the start. Many athletes have no problem playing good once they get going and get mentally and physically into the game. However, you need to start strong because if you don’t it can wind up hurting you. Perhaps the other team scores a goal or two and you end up not being able to recover. So become aware of what you do before games as well as the days leading up to games to start and find patterns of things you do that help you and things that contribute to not having good starts to games.

Another thing to start to look at is your pre game routine, If you have one it might need to be changed, and if you don’t have one you need to develop one. Most athletes have ways they get physically prepared for a game, routines they do that help their bodies get where they need it to be. However, they do not have any mental routines in place to get themselves mentally where they need to be. So while you might physically be where you need to be if you are not also mentally there you won’t have the start you need to the game. Developing a pregame routine comes back to the first point of understanding what things you do that help you versus don’t. Then also understand where you need to be for the game. As well understand that the game itself impacts what you need to do. If it is a championship game, you need to know that the game itself will boost your energy and levels of nervousness, where as an exhibition game or a less intense game will require you to need to get more amped up for that game to start the way you want to.

How you start the game comes down to you and how prepared you are. If things aren’t working it is time to change something. Sometimes that is small in nature, but don’t keep doing the same thing over and over again if it is not working. Any questions please feel free to reach out to me here.