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One of the biggest issues for any athlete is confidence. This presentation will take an in depth look at the world of confidence and two major components of confidence that most people overlook that are crucial to maintaing confidence under any circumstance. Those two components are belief and trust. Belief and trust are the foundation for confidence, I will discuss why this is and how by developing both of these areas you can gain a stronger confidence.

Focus and Adaptability

This topic covers the two main factors that are critical for performing consistently and effectively under pressure. The two factors are focus and adaptability. If an athlete can’t stay focused on the right thing at the right time, it doesn’t matter how much skill, talent or knowledge they have, they will not perform up to potential. The same is also the case for adaptability, an athlete needs to be able to stay adaptable to continually changing circumstances. When you look at athletes who have had difficulty performing under pressure, these two factors are the ones that have broken down. We will look at why that is and what an athlete needs to do to maintain both focus and adaptability under pressure.

Power of Personal Development

How an athlete will ultimately perform comes down to their own personal development. In order for an athlete to be able to make the game winning play or come through when they need to has more to do with what they do away from the game then in it. The athletes who understand the correlation between their own development as a human being and that of their game, are the ones who will perform better and more consistently. This presentation goes over some of the keys to personal development every athlete should look to incorporate to become the athlete they want to.

Guide for parents

This topic looks at the essential ways parents can support their child through out their athletic experience. Often times parents are not sure what they can do, so they try different things and see what happens without any real knowledge of what is best and what their kids are looking for from them. From our extensive research we will go through what the best ways are to help your child get the most out of their experience and maintain the fun and joy.

Life after sports

Whether an athlete makes it to the professional levels or doesn’t go beyond high school at some point they will walk away from the game they love. No matter when this takes place, this can be a very difficult thing to do. This topic looks at what athletes need to consider well before they start the process of stopping their sport. When athletes are developed as whole people, and recognized as more than an athlete the process becomes easier. Many times athletes will go through some depression when they first walk away because they don’t know what is next. If this addressed early enough on, and they have something to transition to a lot of problems can be avoided.

Depression and Anxiety in sports: Importance of opening up the discussion

The awareness of mental illness in sports is on the rise. This topic continues to help bring it to the forefront. No matter the sport, age or gender of the athlete, many athletes will at some point experience some form of depression or anxiety or a combination. In the general population 1 in 3 people will experience it, they say the percentage is higher in the world of athletics. The more this is talked about the easier it will be for these athletes to seek help and take care of it before it gets to a critical point.