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If enrolled in one of the private sports psychology programs onsite NeuroTracker is included. If you wish to just do NeuroTracker please see pricing below and contact us to set up the program

What is perceptual-cognitive sports training?

Cognition is essentially the mental function of gathering knowledge and processing it into usable data – thinking, knowing remembering, judging and problem solving. Cognitive abilities as applied to athletes and sports are used to track player and ball/puck movements, see the playing field with a wide range of vision, anticipate the movements of opponents, recognize patterns, develop strategic awareness and make fast and efficient decisions.


What is NeuroTracker?


NeuroTracker is a cognitive training tool designed to enhance your athletic performance.

NeuroTracker is a 3D visual training system that improves on-field performance for elite level athletes.

The software enhances critical abilities including:

  • Mental focus
  • Situational awareness
  • Visual processing speed
  • Sustained concentration
How will NeuroTracker make me a better athlete?
  • Make better decisions under pressure
  • Anticipate actions earlier and more accurately
  • Identify and focus on key opportunities
  • Stay sharp throughout a long season
  • Improve situational awareness
How does training progress?

To achieve best results, NeuroTracker training should incorporate increasingly complex dual-tasks. When a user first begins their program, they start in a seated position until they have consolidated the basic training. Once this is achieved, we then begin adding secondary tasks such as balancing, physical exercise or sport specific skills, all while maintaining focus on the NeuroTracker task. There is no limit on what type of dual-tasks can be combined

Elite Validation

Elite teams and groups that use NeuroTracker include: Manchester United, Atlanta Falcons, US soccer, Montreal Impact, Vancouver Canucks, Detroit Pistons, and many more.

Scientific Validation

Based on over 20 years of research at the University of Montreal. It has 25 published research papers and 40+ on going research projects.

Can I do it at home?

NeuroTracker is available either onsite at the office in San Diego or through an at home version. We have created programs the include, onsite only, at home only or a mix. There are some differences between onsite capabilities and at home program. Depending on your situation a program can be created to fit your needs.

Do I need to live in San Diego to use it?

No. There is an at home version that is available. Contact us to get set up.

What is the price?

At home version only – Unlimited access

1 Month – $74/mo – Billed Monthly – Regular Price

3 Months – $45 /mo – $135 billed each 3 months – 39% savings

12 Months – $33.25/mo – $399 billed each 12 months – 55% savings

Onsite only

3 Months – $600/month – $1800 billed at start of program – Includes 20 sessions

4 Months – $720/month – $2880 billed at start of program – Includes 32 sessions

Onsite and at home program

3 Months – $450/month – $1215 billed at start of program – Includes 12 onsite sessions  – Unlimited access to NeuroTracker at home