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Sport psychology is concerned with understanding the “mental game”, whether that game is athletic or otherwise. It is about human performance and building the necessary mental skills and techniques necessary to perform consistently and effectively regardless of the situation. Sport psychology is a discipline that investigates and seeks to understand the factors that are involved in reaching and consistently maintaining optimal performance – to strive to achieve one’s best.


To help with understanding the role sport psychology plays, it can be helpful to ask yourself this question: “Are you performing at your very best and is there no room for improvement?” No one will ever answer this question affirmatively, most people will say there is a gap between how they are performing and how they are capable of performing. Sport psychology aims to create knowledge that will help close the gap between people’s current level of performance and what they are capable of doing.


The world of athletics has changed over the years, to the point where now to reach your full potential, not only in a game but also in your sports performance training, it is necessary to go beyond having the best equipment, coaching, skills or nutrition. At the upper levels of sports performance training, in situations where competing individuals and teams have all the technical skills and tactical knowledge required to be successful, psychological factors become the most important determinants of outcome. In order to perform at your best you need the ability to control emotions, to communicate effectively and to perform under pressure, all of which are accomplished through mental skills training.

Every athlete is looking for an edge, but most spend their time on the physical skills. To move beyond the frustrations, anger, anxiety, and low self confidence that at times accompany your journey to the top of your sport it is necessary to turn within and understand your own mind.

Check out this video for a little more on the importance of sport psychology.

Sports is 90% mental; the other half is physical.”  Yogi Berra.

How will the online program help me develop my mental game?

1. Training Videos

The online program can be used in conjunction with one on one training or as a stand alone. The videos cover 7 different main areas of mental performance. Commitment, focus, confidence, visualization, mental readiness, distraction control and ongoing learning. Within these modules is a total of 32 lessons and topics that are covered.

The training videos provide education on each topic, and most importantly provide proven action steps to help implement the skills. You need to translate information to implementation to effectively develop the mental side.

The online program and training videos provide the benefit of having this information at your fingertips and being able to get the training you need when it works for you.

2. Proven Plan

Turn the guesswork into a proven plan. Follow detailed instructions to become the most self-realized and high-achieving athlete possible.

3. Expert Mentorship

Your mentor will be available to answer your questions and provide you with any support that you may need throughout the whole process. Have access to your mento via email, and if you wish to do a deeper dive you can add on one on one coaching (speak with your mentor about pricing for one on one coaching add on).


The cost for the program is $897 (special pricing is available when included in a one on one coaching program)

For more information on the course and topics covered please see the visit the course homepage