Confidence and peak performance go hand in hand and directly impact each other. When we feel confident our ability to achieve peak performance increases, and when when we achieve peak performance our confidence increases. Often people are waiting to get the results they want in order to increase their confidence, which can be a slippery slope. If you are always waiting for something to happen you will always have a roller coaster of a ride with confidence. My job as a sport psychology consultant is to help people build their internal confidence so that it stays consistent no matter what is happening around them. This is what allows them to consistently achieve a high level of performance.

At some point in an athletes career they are going to feel a lack of self-confidence, and this in turn will impact their performance, or their performance is impacting their self-confidence. The interesting thing about confidence is that many other underlying issues can make it look like an athlete has a lack of confidence, it will even make the athlete feel they have a lack of confidence, however, there is something deeper going on that doesn’t have to do with confidence. This false lack of self-confidence is why I am writing this, because I have seen time and time again an athlete will come in saying they don’t feel confident but when they take the assessment we do with all the athletes that work with us, their confidence is high but the stress in their lives is impacting their ability to properly concentrate and focus and thus perform where they want to.

Sometimes a lack of confidence is really a lack of confidence, but as I mentioned above, stress can impact a person in a number of ways that leads them down a path that makes them feel like they don’t have the confidence they would like and need to be successful. Often times the inability to effectively and efficiently use their concentration and attentional skills is what the real problem is. To make it simple, an athlete needs to be able to pay attention and focus on what is important in order to perform effectively, however, stress can cause an athlete to lose the ability to shift their focus as needed, which makes them often pay attention to the wrong thing at a time when they should be focused elsewhere. Over time with a lack of performing up to potential, the athlete will begin to question themselves and their ability, leading to a feeling of very little confidence. So ultimately in this case, it is about helping the athlete to be able to shift their focus and attention more effectively again, so that they can get all the information they need from their environment to make smart decisions that will lead to improved performance. The great thing about this, is that there are a number of easy and fun techniques and tools that can be implemented to help an athlete get back to where they want to be in their performance and thus helping to increase their confidence along the way.

Here at Quantum Performance, we treat each athlete based on the results of TAIS and the goals that they have, thus the techniques and tools are individualized to the athlete. It is always about finding something that will be fun and enjoyable to the athlete but will also improve the skills that are required to get back to where they want to be in their performance.