Athletes are always trying to achieve their peak sports performance and become the best they can. Most of the time this takes them to the physical elements of their sport, with very little attention paid to the mental side. The mental side is the biggest factor in the difference between those that make it and those that don’t. We live in a world of quick fixes with very little patience for allowing the time it truly takes to get to where we want to go. I see it time and time again, when clients start seeing changes, but the results have not come through yet, and they give up before they have ever really begun. What makes a champion is the mindset one has towards not only the work that it entails to be great, but also the obstacles that will inevitably be apart of the journey. Those that make it see them as just minor setbacks and use it for fuel and motivation moving forward. Those that let their setbacks define them or crush their spirit will really struggle in becoming the athlete they are capable of becoming.

People spend years on their education, on the physical parts of their sport, but often don’t grasp that the mental side to sports also takes years, and if you give up when you get frustrated because the results aren’t showing it will be a long and bumpy road. Mental toughness doesn’t mean you don’t feel frustrated, angry, sad or disappointed, it is about finding ways to over come those emotions and move beyond them. It requires everyday choosing your mindset and finding ways to get you to where you want to go. That can occur through a song, motivational video, a coach, friend, book, affirmations, meditation, etc. Greatness occurs not by doing one big thing but by doing the little things over and over again. The small things make the big difference, which is hard for people, as we want to just do one thing and never have to worry about it again. It doesn’t work that way. Just like brushing your teeth, you need to do what is necessary everyday so that you put yourself in a position to be the best. It is not easy, and is why it takes a lot of determination and courage to be great, if it was easy everyone would be able to do it.  You will get beat up, kicked down and discouraged time and time again, it is truly not if you get knocked down, because you will, but how you get back up that matters. If you want to succeed then expect heartache, and difficult times ahead.

Personally I like motivation videos to help me when I am struggling, here are some ones that I like and have found helpful.