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Kate was recommended to us by the mom of one of my daughters’ teammates, and I continue to thank her for this.  The wonderful outcomes that Kate and my daughter have accomplished together are notable.  The tools Kate has taught her to use will help her for the rest of her life, and not just in sports.  It has helped her in school and truly just dealing with the everyday drama that comes with being a teenager.  Watching her use the tools I can see her transform in real time.  She becomes more focused and less anxious.  She takes her soccer seriously and Kate has taught her to learn from her mistakes, but not obsess about them.  She is still working with her to learn to focus more and to drown out negative thoughts that get in the way of reaching her athletic goals. At home she has become much more organized.  The organization then creates a less stressful environment for her which helps her all around. It truly feels that we have given her a gift by connecting her with Kate.

Trisha R

I want to thank you for your help with my son Nate.  Since the time you have spent with him we as a family have seen a tremendous boost in his self-esteam as a football player, student, and more importantly as a man.  He constantly mentions how much your sessions with him have opened his eyes to what is possible for him in football as well as life.
As his father I have seen such a change in him that I no longer have to worry about his abiltity to make wise life choices as it relates finishing college and hopefully pursuing any and all opportunities to make it in the NFL
I would highly recommend you to any young athletes who need to improve their performance in sports and life.

Keith M

I hired Kate with an expectation of maybe raising my confidence in sales, and in our two months together we were able to establish an optimal performance factor..or “getting into the zone” when referring to my interaction with people.
We also discovered a hidden fear of vulnerability that has opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities as a friend, a realtor, and in the future as a husband and father.
Sports Psychology is Kate’s title, but in my opinion she is a true life saver and I recommend her to everyone I know who wants to improve.

Real Estate Agent

Kate helped me improve my mental game well above where it was. She helped me to believe in myself, and in wrestling that is half the battle. I was able to win many matches that I wouldn’t have just because I stayed calm and was confident. I woudl recommend her to any athlete wanting to improve and be the best.

High school Wrestler

I was struggling with my golf game, not only physically but mentally as well.  I decided to go see Kate about six months ago to see if she could help with the state of mind I was in with my game.  After the first time I saw her I felt extremely relaxed and I even felt happier.  She helped me clear out the negative and distracting thoughts and helped me replace them with positive reinforcing thoughts.  Kate has clearly helped me elevate my game to a new level, and I have never felt this mentally strong on a golf course before.

Reid D (High School Golfer)

My “A” race was fast approaching. I’d done this same race last year. I had not met my goals and suffered badly. Fear and doubt crept into my head. Despite all my training, will I have a repeat of last year?
A friend shared her positive experience she had with Kate Allgood regarding a similar issue as mine.
I had time for only one session before my race. Kate was able to turn around my thoughts of doubt, create a mental plan for success and help me set the stage for my best race ever.
Indeed, I had a personal best for that race and several races after that by utilizing the techniques and implementing the strategies Kate worked with me to develop.
I’m surprised that making small manageable changes can yield amazing results.
I’m thrilled to have met Kate. She’s personable and great at what she does.
I couldn’t be happier with my new level of performance. I had the physical aspect down. I just needed help with the mental piece. Kate delivered.

Thank you Kate!

Kristi D (Triathlete)

Being a competitive age group triathlete, I have worked with some excellent coaches over the past few years. While training for a half Ironman event last season, I had built my physical conditioning as much as possible with my coach but wanted to explore my mental toughness and see how much more I could bring out of myself in a race.

I researched several options but was attracted to Balanced Bodyworks and the philosophy and practice of sports hypnosis. I spoke with Kate on the phone and knew I wanted to work with her.

When I met with Kate the first time, she took thorough notes of what I wanted to accomplish both in my upcoming athletic event and in my life in general. It is the thoroughness of her note taking and ability to take in my goals that set up several very powerful hypnosis sessions for me. In addition, worth mentioning is her gift as a practitioner. Her voice and presence is like no other.

The results were remarkable. While I must acknowledge my athletic coach and my own hard training time in the bank, it is the work that was done with Kate that gave me the extra power I needed to achieve my goal of getting on the podium. I distinctly remember hitting mile 9 of the run, with no juice left and 4 painful miles ahead. In session with Kate, she had planted the seeds of a “secret power source deep within” that I could call upon at this late stage in the race. As if magic, I “knew” I had access to this place and it served to get me to the finish line much stronger/faster than I could have without it.

I’m writing this testimonial because I want everyone to know about Kate’s work and the power of it. Not only did the session I had with Kate enhance my performance in the final stages of the race, but they also relieved my race anxiety leading up to the event itself, allowing me to save energy and sleep better. I arrived race morning, feeling more excited and less nervous.

I have worked with Kate on several races now, and intend to continue working with her for sports performance as well as personal growth enhancement. The power of the mind is incredible, and to have found a talented practitioner, who knows how to help people tap into their own inner power and strength beyond conscious effort, is golden.

Wendee P (Triathlete)

I’ve been running for many years and started doing triathlons a few years ago. I was frustrated because it seemed that no matter what I did, I wasn’t getting any faster. I started searching on the internet and discovered that many pro athletes use hypnosis to stay focused and push beyond their limits, so I decided to give it a try. I was preparing for a triathlon, so Kate helped me with the bike, swim and run. Within the first week, my average pace on the run decreased by nearly 30 second per mile. I had a similar experience with the bike and swim. Kate is the secret weapon that I wish I would have found a long time ago.

Kathy C (Triathlete)

I initially contacted Kate because I had recently taken up rowing in middle age and had a great deal of anxiety that was beginning to affect my enjoyment of a sport I loved and wanted to continue with.  In a relatively short period of time, Kate has been able to provide me with a lot of insight into the anxiety and some great tools and strategies to resolve the issue.  Not only did her help enable me to begin fully to enjoy the sport, but it helped to bring my confidence and performance to a brand new level.  She is very knowledgeable and truly cares about her patients.

Cissy W (Rower)

We came to Kate initially because my 13 year old daughter had just come off a year benched from soccer due to ankle surgery.  This was not her first ankle injury, but she was determined to get back playing and physically was working hard to do so.  Mentally, however, she was having a difficult time. She was very anxious about not only hurting it again but even more so about her ability to come back on at the level she was at before the surgery.  She is a perfectionist and this combined with established anxiety issues was taking its toll, and not just on the field.  As her mother it was heartbreaking and frustrating to not have the skills to help her through this.