The #1 reason why people give up is due to what they are focused on. Most people focus on how far they still have to go to reach their goal, and by continually looking at how far they have to go they get deterred because it can seem like it is still a long ways away, and they never see the steps they have taken to bridge the gap between where they were and where they want to be. It is important to not only look ahead, but to also reflect on how far you have come. Life and sports is a process, if you are always focused on the end point, you will never get there, as your goals will constantly change. It is like this never ending path. It is important to know where we want to go, but it is important to also take time to celebrate and look at what has already been accomplished.

To find the balance between where you want to end up and being happy for where you are is the key to enjoying the process. Many people get worried that if they are happy with where they are at they have lost the necessary hunger or drive to get to where they want to go. Yes it is important not to be complacent but if we constantly don’t feel like we have accomplished anything we get deterred and often times people will give up. Most of the time they give up right before a break through, right before they could have won that big competition or mastered a skill they have been working on for years. When we are in our on world, we don’t often see our own progress, our own talent and skill. And so even though you may be close to the goal you set for yourself, it is hard to see how close you might be, or you may have even passed your original goal but have set a new one as your skilled progressed but you never took a moment to remember this you just think you are still striving for the original goal not realizing you have surpassed it and are now on to the next goal.

So take a moment today to reflect on how far you have come. And feel good about the progress you have made, this will fuel you for continuing to do the work that is necessary for reaching your next goal.