Kate Allgood’s life has always involved balancing a healthy body and mind. As early as the age of two, her father strapped “cheese cutter” twin blade skates on her as she tottered across the Canadian ice. By six years old, she was enrolled in organized ice hockey playing against all boys– and winning. She continued gliding on this tract through her university education, where she received numerous awards and was recognized as one of the best female athletes in Canada. Kate was also pegged as a potential candidate for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

As an elite athlete, Kate recognized the need to continuously work on her physical and mental wellbeing in order to achieve peak performance. To maintain her physical stamina and avoid repeat injuries, Kate used Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) to balance and restore her muscles. She also practiced sport psychology including hypnosis to psychologically train for the intensity of the game and focus on her goals.

After years of playing sports and fitness training, Kate realized her real passion lied in helping others improve and enhance their physical and mental health and performance. Kate holds a double Masters degree with honors in psychology, specializing in sport psychology, and general psychology with a concentration in family psychology.

Also, because of her positive personal experiences, Kate became a certified Muscle Activation Techniques specialist, the second highest level of MAT, and a certified sport hypnotist. Kate decided to open Quantum Performance, a San Diego-based practice that combines all her knowledge and skills.

Kate understands the demands that elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts face and provides solutions that she knows work. Clients include everyone from professional, college, high school athletes and Navy SEALs to ironman triathletes and yoga enthusiasts. She regularly completes continuing education courses for MAT and sports hypnosis.

Kate continues to be active in numerous sports and continues to play ice hockey on a weekly basis at the Kroc Center rink. She currently resides in the San Diego community of Clairemont with her dog, Rylea.